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May/29/2024 21:25

Language and Communication Studies / MSc (CEM)

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Organisation: Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics
Year: 2005-2008
Location: Suunnitteilla
Further information: Amount of language studies in the Master’s degree is 10 ECTS, which consists of three compulsory English courses. XENT001 should be completed during the first semester. XENT005 is integrated with CEMS260 course in the spring semester. International degree students must also complete a Finnish course (XSU0005). Native English speakers should complete 10 ECTS of other language studies, including the Finnish course. Finnish students should have completed written and speech communication in the Finnish language and Swedish (virkamiesruotsi) in their previous degree or they must complete them as complementary language studies. Students, who complete both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in the School of Business and Economics, should have 25 ECTS language studies in total (15 + 10).
You can find the selection of available language studies from the the Kielikompassi of the Language Centre.
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