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Jun/6/2023 16:09

Master´s Degree Programme in Banking and International Finance

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Organisation: Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics
Year: 2016-2017
Location: Aktiiviset
Further information: BIF is a full-time 2-year master''s program. Studies begin in September and there is no mid-point entry to the program. The degree gives the students the possibility to apply for doctoral studies for example in the doctoral program of the Graduate School of Finance (http://gsf.aalto.fi/), or after completing some advanced level courses in economics outside the curriculum of BIF program, also in the Finnish Doctoral Program in Economics (http://www.fdpe.fi).
Minimum amount
of ECTS credits:
[F]Tutkinnon taso: [F]Maisteri
Degree name: Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

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